Venue Information

Film companies are requested to have paper work and payment complete one week prior to scheduled film shoot. Rental Applicants are requested to have paper work and payment complete one month prior to event.
If you would like your music group to be considered for a concerts series please mail a promotional package to Pershing Square care of "Artist Relations" at 532 S. Olive Los Angeles, CA 90013. The preferred manner of contact is by either a promotional kit or an EPK via email to Phone calls are not encouraged. Please include all contact information. All musicians, manager or booking agents may submit. All music content, stage set up, audio input and riders are reviewed before presentation selection.
For information regarding daily or monthly parking rates, special event or film location parking please call directly to the garage office located on the first level of the underground garage at the bottom of the west side escalator.
For fast and easy payment exit please use the Pershing Square pay stations located on the first floor of the garage at the bottom of the escalator. After parking, take your parking ticket with you. Before returning to your vehicle, pay at an automated pay station. Insert your ticket in to the automated pay station, followed by a credit payment. Wait for your pre-paid ticket to dispense. Exit the garage by inserting your prepaid ticket into the exit system.
You may also pay for your parking by a credit payment at the exit gate to a parking attendant. No cash payments are negotiated for parking at the Pershing Square Garage


Monthly Fees New rate effective 10/1/18
Unreserved $210.00
Reserved $280.00

Daily Rate

Daily Fee New rate effective 10/1/18
Daily $3.00 each 15 min. Max $20.00
Evening $9.00 Monday to Friday, 5:00pm to 2:00am
Weekend $9.00 all day until 2:00am
Overnight $20.00


Validation Type New rate effective 10/1/18
15 Min $3.00
1 Hour $12.00
All Day $20.00
Evening / Weekend $9.00
Pershing Square Permit Application