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Welcome to Pershing Square Outdoor Concert and Event Center

Pershing Square is in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles at 532 S. Olive St. The facility is operated by the Department of Recreation and Parks. Pershing Square features an open and elevated ayan-style amphitheater, a grove of orange trees that pays tribute to Los Angeles’ agricultural roots. Pershing Square hosts a variety of community events and also serves as a major location for television shows, films and private parties. The Pershing Square Downtown Stage is a six-week summer concert series with free music, films and events four days a week. An outdoor ice skating rink is hosted by Pershing Square November through January including a snow laden Winter Holiday Festival.

Contact the L.A. Conservancy for walking tours.


Pershing Square History

Dedicated for use by Mayor Aguilar in 1866, this park land was named "La Plaza Abaja." During World War I, the Square was often the scene for militia receptions and provided a forum for public speakers. On November 8, 1918, the park was formally named Pershing Square in honor of the World War I general.

The next major change came in the 1950s, when an 1800-car garage was built beneath the park. In 1989, the Pershing Square Property Association and the Community Redevelopment Agency contributed to assist the Department of Recreation and Parks in the renovation of the park. Architect Ricardo Legoretta and landscapist Laurie Olin designed the current park plan, and the park was rededicated on February 3, 1994.

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